Make- Up Lessons

I must be notified 24 hours before a missed lesson in order to receive a make-up lesson. If notified less than 24 hours before the missed lesson, the lesson and payment will be forfeited. Each student may receive up to two make-up lessons per term. Any additional missed lessons will be forfeited. 

Parental Involvement

Each student must have a "practice adult." This is usually the parent but does not have to be. However, the "practice adult" should be able to consistently attend lessons and practice with the child at home. The parent or "practice adult" should attend lessons even when the student is at an advanced level. 


Siblings should not attend lessons. My lessons require a great amount of parental involvement and I have found that siblings, especially younger ones, are often a distraction to the student as well as the parent. 

Concert Attendance

If a student commits to perform in a concert, his or her attendance on the performance date is absolutely mandatory. Absences from performances will only be excused if I am informed well in advance or there is some sort of serious emergency. Attending lessons and not the performance is the equivalent of going to all of the sports practices and none of the games. Your student will not be receiving the full benefits of their musical education. Plus concerts are fun! 

Practice Expectations

"If I miss one day of practice, I notice it. If I miss two days of practice, my teacher notices it. if I miss three days of practice, the audience notices it. " - Pianist, Ignacy Paderewski


I take this age-old adage very seriously. Students of all levels are expected to practice seven days a week. Seven days of practice will undoubtably lead to rapid progression on the violin. Six days will also result in advancement and five days will merely maintain the skills you already have. In my years of experience teaching I have found that with four or less days of practice between lessons, a students skills and muscle memory will lessen. For this reason, if a student practices less than five days between lessons, the next lesson will be treated as a practice session and no new material will be presented.